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Shortly after the inauguration of the first joint Swedish and French air service between

Stockholm and Paris in 1932, a group of travel men from the French capital were invited to make an exploratory flight over the new route. The welcome they received in Stockholm led to many pleasant friendships.

Realizing the importance of closer relationships among those who strive to develop and promote both national and international travel, the men who made the flight to Stockholm were determined to found a permanent organization whose primary aim would be the creation of goodwill and friendship in travel and transportation circles throughout the world.

The Paris Skål Club was formed on December 16, 1932, with Rene Genestie as President. In 1934, twelve other clubs had been formed and FlorimondVolckaert conceived the idea of uniting them into an international organization. The Association International des Skål Clubs (A.I.S.C.) was created on April 28, 1934, and Volckaert became its founding President.

On April 1, 1938, the Skål Club of North America (Skål Club of New York, No. 28) was founded. As the first Skål Club established in North America, the New York Club assisted and guided in the formation of other Skål Clubs on this continent.

“The North American Chapter Committee” in which all Skål Clubs in North America were represented, was formed on March 31, 1949, and was followed by the “North American Skål Council” on August 9, 1950, and that organization was superseded by the “National Skål Committee of the U.S.A”, now called “Skål International U.S.A.” (SIUSA). There were also National Committees formed in Canada and Mexico.

Coincident with the formation of the three separate National Committees, its “North American Skål Council”was continued to help in all matters of joint and common interest between Canada, Mexico and the USA, as well as offering membership to Skål Clubs affiliated with the Area Committee under new name of “North American Area Skål Committee.” In 2007, it was decided being part of an Area Committee was no longer necessary and the name was changed to the “North American Alliance of Skål Clubs.”

Experts differ as to the origin of the word “Skål” (pronounced Skoal) which occurs in the three Scandinavian languages. It is the basis for the universal Skål.

To fellow Skålleagues everywhere,

Good Health!
Long Life!


Past Presidents

Ross Burke 2021

Keith Wolling 2019

John Stine 2018

Mark Reid 2017

Duane Winjum 2016

Jeff Chase 2015

Richard Scinta 2014

Scott Tripoli 2013

Carlton Hudson 2012

Brian Peters 2011

Barbara Kenney 2010

Grant Bannen 2009

Ron Silveira 2008

Bob Van Bergen 2007

Tom Tittel 4-1-07 to 4-23-07

Gary C. Sain (deceased) 2006

Frederick W. Corrigan 2005

Carmen Lacombe 2004

Dennis BeMent 2003

Kerry Cushing 2002

Richard Howard (deceased) 2001

Jack Wert 2000

Michael Dyrland 1999

Clayne Dice (deceased) 1998

David Warren (deceased) 1997

Carol Hubbard 1996

Thomas White 1995

Martin Hunter 1994

Robert Langford lll (deceased) 1993

Robert Langford iii (deceased) 1992

Curtis H. Lund 1991

Robert Aagard (deceased)1990

Arne Rotne 1989

Herb Crowley (deceased) 1988

Gerald C. McKenna (deceased) 1987

William Parke 1986

Richard Merritt (deceased) 1985

Michael J. Hardisty 1984

Tomas Carrillo 1983

Frederick W. (Rick) Smith 1982

Robert Duncan 1981

Kenneth Murray (deceased) 1980

O. A. McAbee (deceased) 1979

John Schlenk 1978

Sidney W. (Bo) Swope 1977

Elon (Red) West 1976

William Graves (deceased) 1975

Rodney K. Howard (deceased) 1974

Jack Coalter (deceased) 1973

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